• English-Catalan LMF Apertium Bilingual dictionary
  • This is the LMF version of the Apertium bilingual dictionary for English and Catalan languages. Bilingual LMF dictionaries were generated from Apertium bilingual dix files. For each Apertium bilingual correspondence, the corresponding source and target monolingual entries (LexicalEntry) were generated in addition to the bilingual correspondence (SenseAxis) element. Apertium is a¬†free/open-source machine translation platform, initially aimed at related-language pairs but recently expanded to deal with more divergent language pairs (such as English-Catalan). The platform provides: a language-independent machine translation engine; tools to manage the linguistic data necessary to build a machine translation system for a given language pair and linguistic data for a growing number of language pairs.
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  • ca
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  • English
  • Catalan
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  • Apertium Bilingual dictionary as described in
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  • English-Catalan LMF Apertium Bilingual dictionary
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  • LMF Apertium En-Ca
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