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The PAROLE/SIMPLE ‘lemon’ Ontology is the OWL/RDF version of the PAROLE/SIMPLE model (defined during the PAROLE (LE2-4017) and SIMPLE (LE4-8346) IV FP EU projects) once mapped onto lemon model and LexInfo ontology. Original PAROLE/SIMPLE model & lexicons contain morphological, syntactic and semantic information, organized according to a common model and to common linguistic specifications for 12 European languages. Spanish and Catalan lexicons were also converted into OWL/RDF version ( and For additional information see: Villegas M, Bel N. PAROLE/SIMPLE 'lemon' ontology and lexicons. Semantic Web [Pre Press] [Internet]. (For additional information on the SIMPLE (LE4-8346) see

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