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Matter nouns classifier Web Service
This WS identifies matter nouns in a part of speech tagged text (with FreeLing Morphosyntactic tagger V 3.0 WS). The classification is performed with a pre-trained Decision Tree. The output is a LMF file with the classifier prediction for each noun. You can choose to have this prediction as: - scored: each noun gets a score of being or not being a member of the class (bigger than 0 means class member, smaller, non member of the class) - filtered: the nouns are filtered according to their score. If the score is positive and over a determined threshold the noun is considered to be a member of the class. If it is negative and under another threshold, it is considered to be a non-member of the class. The other cases are tagged as unknown, since the classifier did not give enough confidence to their classification. The used thresholds are pre-set according to some experiments, if you want to use your own thresholds, you should get the scored output and use the filter webservice to filter it with your thresholds. The languages supported are Spanish and English.
Matter nouns classifier Web Service