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GS English lexical semantic classification
PANACEA English Gold Standard for lexical semantic classification
We present a set of English gold-standards for different noun classes created in PANACEA to train and test automatic classifiers. To create these gold-standards we used we the data from the SemEval 2007 workshop Task 07: Coarse Grained English All-Words (Navigli et al., 2007). The words used in this task were first automatically tagged with an automatic clustering method (Navigli, 2006) using senses based on the WordNet sense inventory and later manually validated by expert lexicographers. For our experiments, we extracted all of the words from this inventory that contained as their first sense a sense that corresponded to the lexical semantic classes, i.e. “people” in the case of the class HUMAN. These gold-standards were created in the context of PANACEA, an EU-FP7 Funded Project under Grant Agreement 248064.
PANACEA English Gold Standard for lexical semantic classification