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WordTies: A Nordic/Baltic Multilingual Wordnet Initiative
WordTies: A Nordic/Baltic Multilingual Wordnet Initiative
WordTies describes a multilingual wordnet initiative embarked in the META-NORD/ META-NET projects and originally concerned with the validation and pilot linking between Nordic and Baltic wordnets. Wordnets in Nordic/Baltic countries. The builders of these wordnets have applied very different compilation strategies: The Danish and Swedish wordnets are being developed via monolingual dictionaries and corpora and subsequently linked to Princeton WordNet. In contrast, the Finnish and Norwegian wordnets are applying the expand method by translating from Princeton WordNet and the Danish wordnet, DanNet, respectively. The Estonian wordnet was built as part of the EuroWordNet project and by translating the base concepts from English as a first basis for monolingual extension. Recently, Polish wordnet, plWordNet, has been added to WordTies. This wordnet is built using a monolingual approach similar to one used in the Danish and Swedish wordnets.